I am a visual artist and graphic novelist based in Bucharest/Romania. My artistic aim is to portray human experience and emotion, seen through unfiltered biographical lens and thus portray Zeitgeist and societal issues with a non-judgemental attitude. As a graphic novelist, I use text and illustration as equal mediums and I often experiment with ways of charging the narative with visual meaning, playing with the corporeality of text and the anecdotic quality of an image. I also believe that the separation between illustration, art and literature does not really hold true and I am set on a journey to soften these boundaries. 


Queer. Istorii ilustrate (co-author Eugen Radescu)
Home Alone
The year of the Pioneer

Die Tageszeitung
The Guardian
LA Times
Re:public Stockholm
Elle Romania
Casa Jurnalistului
Decât o Revistă
Petrie Magazine London


The solo is the only reason aliens have not destroyed earth yet, Andreea Chirica & Deniz Coaca, February 2021 (to come)

ResidenzPflicht von MSK7 with Andreea Chirica, Haus der Statistik, September 2020
Inside Out - solo show - Creart Gallery Bucharest, November 2019
Home. Work in progress - solo show- Rezidentzpflicht Berlin, June 2019
Love in the time of social media - expozitie de grup - Kunstraum Walcheturm Zurich, March 2019
Adevărata fericire e o sinceră iubire - solo show- Apollo 111, Bucharest October 2018
Gradual Decline - Andreea Chirică & Răzvan Ion - Visual Kontakt Cluj, February 2018
Why go outside when everything happens inside my head - solo show - Creart
Gallery Bucharest, January 2018
WAR OF WORLDS - Centrul de arta Mora, group exhbition, 2017
Flow - group exhibition- Talent Garden, Palatul Universul, 2017
Fete de fete - group exhibition, Apollo111, 2017
Festivalul international de banda desenata Bucuresti 2017
Femei pe Matasari - group exhibtion, Kube Musette Galery, 2017
Shrinking City - Casa de cultura nu e acasa, MNAC Bucharest, 2016
"Străzi cu cântec din Bucuresti" - group exhibition, Muzeul Bucureștiului, 2016
ComiXConnection - itinerant exhibition - Berlin, Bucharest, Cluj, Zagreb, 2014-2019

Comic strip “Drawing Word” workshop with refugee kids in Bucharest- British
Council, Bucuresti 2019
Comic strip Workshop, part of "The future of Memory" project dealind with the lost
memory of Romanian Holocaust - Sighetul Marmației 2019
Comic strip workshop during the “Summer Feminsit School for teenagers” 2018
Illustration Workshop - Salonului European de Bandă Desenată. București 2017
Illustration workshop with children during Home Fest 2017

Rezidencies/Fairs and Festivals
Rezidentzpflicht Berlin 2019
Salonul European de Banda Desenata 2017
Barcelona Comic Con 2012
New York Comic Con 2011